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So Guys  if you are searching on Google that you want to grow your YouTube channel and you want are tips and tricks to grow your YouTube channel that you come on the right place in this article I will tell you how you can grow your YouTube channel and tips and tricks to grow your YouTube channel 

  1. Start with What You Do Best – The first thing you should see before creating a channel is that you have an interest in what can you do better. You should create a YouTube channel according to your interest in which you have more knowledge. for example, if you create a tech and you did not have any knowledge related to tech. Then your audience will think that he It does not have any information.  Then why we watch its video. If you are aware of this then you will get more Ideas 

  2. Video quality – first thing is u video quality is most matter how to grow your YouTube channel. First, improve your video quality and audio quality. If your video quality is good then people like to watch your video. Audio is the most important thing if your voice is not greater than people cannot understand what you are telling in the video. So you need to improve your audio quality and video quality

  3. Thumbnail – if your thumbnail was not attractive then why people will click on your video. People will click on that video who thumbnail is attractive. If you are not attracted to people then why he watches your video.if people will not click on the video then how you get views and subscribers. 

  4. The video title should be eye catchy – You should also focus on your title and description of the video. You should give a title that attracts the people to watch your video and I always request you to make a video on those Trending topics and not available on YouTube if you make videos on those topics that you will get more views and subscribers. I have experienced this thing  on my channel I make a video on topic which are not available on topic adult game more views than my other videos on this video

  5. Put  Tags very carefully – I will require you to put a tag which is people search on YouTube. If you have not good ideas on tags then you can copy the tag of those videos that rank in first place on your topic. You can copy the tag using tube buddy 

  6. How to increase watch time – this is not all your hand. If you want to increase your what’s time then tell your audience that please was the full video till the end, Support me and if you like this video then please click on the like button and share this video. if people like your video that they also share your video and you can get more time if people watch your video full. And also upload good content

  7. How to get post comment and likes – tell your audience to like on your value and also tell that like button and subscribe button are free you don’t need to pay any money because some people think that he did to pay money to subscribe. Give light target to your audience 

This is 7 tips and tricks to grow your YouTube channel. I hope you like this article if you like this article then share with your friend 

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