How to Chose a Right Hosting for you

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If you are searching for the best hosting and you would need to check that website hosting a really good then read this article I explained you all things about a hosting website And I also tell you That how a hosting website work

How hosting website work –

The speed will depend on the server which your hosting provider is using. There were so many categories in the hosting. Explain to you each and everything.  the thing that there was a server with 8GB RAM at 200 MBPS port then you can see the server speed is 200 MBPS but will not get you This speed because the hosting website will create multiple servers and divide into So many websites and separate control panel. Disuse the storage of website which can decrease the speed also because The server was divided into so many parts and different control panel using different User You can see that the server is of 8GB ram and there were so many users so  In the server the using of Ram increase So this lead to decrease the speed of the server.

How to choose a best hosting – 

I will require you first check the server location Check your website most traffic is in the server location This can Increase the speed of your website in that country.  If the Load on the server is high this decreases the speed of the server.  You can see in your hosting control panel physical storage was given. But this was not the original Ram given to you. I will A comment to ask your hosting provider how many servers he was using and ask for her screenshot of load on the server This can help you To choose the best web hosting 

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