how you can earn money online if your age is Under 18 years

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If your age is under 18 years then you come to the right article in this article I will tell you how you can earn money online if your age is are not 18 years. There are a lot of ways that you can use to earn money online but I will tell you the best way to earn money online 

1st method –you can earn money online by just downloading the app on a new Android phone and watching the ads app there are a lot of ads you can search on Google but or apps are not real. So I will tell you all the real apps you can download this app from Google Play Store And all application give you payment in Paytm wallet 

  • Mgamer 

  • My pocket money

  • Captcha job – Work from Home

This application gives payment 

2nd method – You can create a YouTube channel if you are not under 18 years old there was a lot of people who are creating YouTube channels and they are below 18 years you can use your parent’s identity to verify your AdSense account. There were a lot of topics that you can use to create a YouTube channel.   You can create a youtube according to your interest if you are interested in giving then you can create a given Chennai and just upload your gameplay. If you don’t know how to create a YouTube channel you can’t see there was a lot of video on YouTube You can watch them and create a YouTube channel that just you need to make a video and edit, make a thumbnail and make a description than upload video.if your video is good that people will like your video and tell you how you can improve your performance improve your profession grow your YouTube channel and earn money online if you get 100K  that you can easily on 1 lakh per month. video and tell you how the experience was it 

3rd Method – You cn also create a free website on blogger and then just post an article then apply for Google AdSense if your luck is good then you will get the approval of AdSense then focus on traffic if your traffic will become then you can also earn a lot of money. the and then you will get a lot of traffic this means you also get a lot of money

This is best place to earn money online if you are under 18 years


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