how to make a digital store to sell your digital products like E Book ,PHP Script, Theme and Plugin

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So Guys in this article I will tell you how to make a digital store and How To sell your digital products like E-Book, PHP Script, Theme, and Plugin. So if you want this all question answer that please read this article carefully. First, we’ll talk about the requirement to create an eCommerce website or Digital Store

Requirement –

  1. Domain – you can buy domain names from any site. You can also called a domain name as your website name. For example, you open Flipkart to open Flipkart you need to type on your browser is a domain name. First, decide your website name before creating the digital store for an eCommerce website. There was the various type of domain name,.xyz,.in, etc. If your budget was low then you can buy .xyz domain name

  2. Hosting – you can also be called hosting a web server. Hosting is a server in which you can host your website. There was the various type of web hosting like dedicated server VPS hosting shared hosting and other. You can buy Web Hosting according to your budget. If you don’t know how to connect your domain name to web hosting. you need to just update your web hosting web server in your domain.if you have any kind of then you can check on YouTube how to connect Web Hosting to Domain Name

    1. Theme – Now You Need Theme. For your website. You can buy any type of theme. But I will not recommend using a free theme because this is your business. I will require you to use wootmart theme. I am also using this theme. If you have a low budget and you can buy this theme at a low price from  My Digital Store. After buying the theme you need to install WordPress in your web hosting. 10 just log into your admin panel of WordPress

How to Setup Ecommerce Website or Digital Store –

After login into your WordPress dashboard then just click on appearance and then click on a theme. 

Then just click on add New Theme




Then just click on the upload theme add an upload to your team which you buy. After uploading just activate your theme. Then go to your WordPress dashboard you will see a message that brings activate plugin. Then just activate your all plugin and enter your details in woocommerce plugin.

After that click, the phone setting then clicks on reading.



No, you get an option on the top of the reading setting Your home page display. Then just select a static page. Click on the homepage. Select shop. Now your side is any given add product by clicking on products than add new 

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