SBI Bank Personal Loan: How To Take Personal Loan From SBI

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SBI Personal Loan Friends, how can you get a personal loan sitting at home by applying online from State Bank of India, what documents are needed to take a personal loan from SBI. Up to what amount you will get a loan from SBI and what percentage of interest is charged on that loan amount, how many months do you get to repay the loan amount? If you know all these things in today’s post, then let’s start.

First of all, let me tell you that there are some types of Personal Loans in SBI, such as SBI Pension Loan, SBI Xpress Loan, Loan Against Securities, SBI Quick Personal Loan, there are more similar loans in SBI, today in this post we will take SBI Learn about Xpress Credit Personal Loan.

Here, first of all, let us know about some of the benefits of SBI Xpress Credit Personal Loan, which is the first advantage.

1.) Under this you can take a loan of up to 20 lakhs

2.) Here you are given a loan at the least interest

3.) Here you get the loan with the least documents

4.) There is no hidden charge of any kind here


Now it comes to who will get the loan under this SBI Xpress Credit Personal Loan.

1.) First of all friends who want to take SBI Xpress Credit Personal Loan, their age must be 18+

2.) If you are taking SBI Xpress Credit Personal Loan then your CIBIL score should also be good.

3.) This loan will be available only to the one who does the job and it is necessary to have an account in SBI only.

4.) The salary of those who do the job must be at least 15000 rupees


Now it comes to the documents, as I told you that at least documents will be required here. Because when you apply for this loan, you will have to give your salary account details and if you already have an account in SBI, then you have already given all the documents, then you will have to give very few documents here.

How much will get the maximum loan?

Now it comes to how much loan amount you will get from here. Here, friends, personal loans are also of two types, the first is

  • Term Loans

If you take Term Loans, then you will have to take a loan of at least 25000 rupees on it and will get maximum 20 lakhs.

  • Overdraft Loans

Together with friends, talk about Overdraft Loans, you will get a loan of at least 5 lakhs and a maximum of 20 lakhs from here.

How much will be the repayment time

Here, whether you take Term Loans or Overdraft Loans, you get at least 6 months in both of these and you get maximum of 6 years i.e. up to 72 months.

How to apply online

You can apply by visiting the official website of SBI. There you have to click on SBI Xpress Credit Personal Loan and complete some easy steps and you will get the loan.

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