Requirement To Start A Hosting Company

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 So in this article, I will tell you the requirement to start a Hosting Company. I will also tell you my recommendation if you are a beginner. Then which option is best for you.

Requirement To Start A Hosting Company :

  1. VPS OR RESELLER –You need a VPS or reseller hosting to start your own hosting business.I would request you if you are a beginner then you can go with reseller hosting. But choose the best reseller hosting company. If I talk about VPS peoples prices generally high but I will Request you to go with GPS because in VPS to get so much Feature 

  2. Domain Name – I will Recommend buying a Domain name related to the hosting company. And buy the Domain name from which provider gives you the hostname option.

  3. C-PANEL, Softaculous, Cloudlinux, And WHMCS – If you go with VPS that you did also to buy this software license of C-PANEL, Softaculous, Cloudlinux And WHMCS you can check the price on their official website 

If you are Beginner then which is best for you VPS or Reseller :

If you have a low budget then I will recommend you to go with reseller hosting And please select the best reseller hosting Because altered reseller hosting which the company provides they have full access to your reseller account So they can also cheat you in the future So please be aware. If you have a medium budget and you need to sell unlimited hosting Then I will request you to go with VPS. 

Additional information if you want to read and read it  –

How can we grow our Hosting company :

First I will tell you if you want to grow your Hosting Website then you need so much money Because if you want to promote your hosting company on YouTube and other social media They will charge a higher amount Because they think that the Hosting company website owner earns so much. So you need to spend so much money on Promotion to grow your hosting company. If you want the hosting company to grow up then I will recommend you to promote your hosting company from youtube.YouTube is the best option to promote your company. I am also a hosting company. I also do promotions on YouTube And now I have so many clients. You can also promote your company through Adword If You Have award knowledge I also try to promote in adward But I was failing because I do not have knowledge About Award how he works 

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