How to Convert Bitcoin to INR or USD

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So, Guys is in this article I will tell you how you can convert your Bitcoin into INR to USD. If you have some Bitcoin and you want to convert it to your INR currency or USD. You can also say how to take your Bitcoin in your Paytm wallet or on other platforms.if you want your Bitcoin to USD that you can take it in your PayPal account. It is an article I will tell you some websites in which you can share your Bitcoin and take it in your favorite wallet

. You can also take your Bitcoin to your bank account also.

List Of Website in Which You Can Sell Your Bitcoin

  1. Paxful – this website you can sell your Bitcoin and take it in your favorite wallet or bank account. On this platform, you do not need to do KYC  to sell Bitcoin. But you did at least 300 rupees Bitcoin to sell. In different currency, there was the different minimum limit.

  2. Local Bitcoin – There was one advantage of local Bitcoin is there was no minimum limit to trade. But in this platform, you need to do KYC.

How To Sell Bitcoin In This Platform 

First, you need to just add your Bitcoin to this platform. You can send your Bitcoin in this platform wallet. There were a lot of wallets. So I can’t tell how you can send your Bitcoin to these platforms. After adding your Bitcoin to these platforms. You need to just click on sell Bitcoin. Then select your payment method and select your currency in which you want to take then click on the search button. Then just choose a person which has a high rating that just clicks on all but that just enter your amount then click on the trade button. Then the chat will start with the person which you are selling your Bitcoin then the person will ask you just your withdrawal account. After taking your withdrawal account details. He will send the payment to you. Then you need to just click on the released Bitcoin button. But do not release your Bitcoin Without taking your payment. I hope you understand this.

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